Gnome Platinum Garden Hose Review

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Gnome Platinum Garden Hose – The Gnome Platinum Garden Hose is so far the best Gnome Hose. It has a new and improved design for 2017. This design is light weight and flexible but still is heavy duty, kink free and compact enough to be stored in the house. You can use it for water for your yard, garden, garage, shop over even to wash your pets. Check price on Amazon.

gnome platinum garden hose review

The Gnome Platinum Garden Hose has brass connectors which have an on/off valve which is built into the connector. It has a nylon external part which is temperature and weather resistant. It still is soft to touch and easy to use.

The earlier models of the Gnome Platinum Garden Hose has the issue that there was a chemical reaction between the inner tube and the brass connector. This issue is resolved in the latest offering.

gnome-platinum-garden-hose-review-2017It has a core which is in three layers and is made from latex which is heavy duty which allows it to expand to over 300% of its length when the water is on. Once you switch off the water, it immediately contracts so that we don’t need to wind it up or take water out of it. It doesn’t kink or tangle up or twist even when you pull it over rough ground or over stones, etc. It is move than 300% lighter than other good garden hoses in the market.

Though the hose is made in China, it goes through strict quality control when it comes to the USA. It also has excellent customer service in USA. Check price on Amazon.

Gnome Garden Hose

Tips to use
Make sure that the washer is firmly within the coupling. Next turn the hose’s valve to OFF mode. Then turn on the water until you see the hose expanded fully. Then you can turn the valve to ON mode and then use it like a normal garden hose.


Light and portable: The Gnome Platinum Garden Hose is light and can be moved easily. Infact, from our tests we saw that it is even lighter than traditional garden hoses by over 300%

Kink free: Kinking is one of the biggest problems that arise when you are using a garden hose. The good thing about the Gnome Platinum Garden Hose is that it doesn’t kink or tangle up or twist so there is no wear and tear and it is very easy to use.

Latest 2017 technology: The Gnome Platinum Garden Hose is made using the latest technology which even when you have 3 layers of latex, is still light and easy to use and carry.

Brass connectors and sturdy material: The connectors on the Gnome Garden Hose are made of brass and have an option of on/off right on the connector making it easy to switch it off rather than going all the way to the spigot to switch it off.

Self-draining: Since it is self draining, you don’t really need to use any effort to drain away water from the garden hose. If you use the hose frequently, then you will realize what a blessing this is.

Great customer service: The customer service is excellent and very responsive. They are based in USA and resolve any queries which you may have and the product is also covered by a 12 month warranty.


Immediate contraction: The Gnome Platinum Garden Hose immediately contracts when the water pressure is off. In case you need to use it with short breaks in between each burst of water, this becomes a problem as then it takes time for the water to fill again and for it to expand again.

Made in China: Though the product is excellent some customers may have an issue with the product being manufactured in China. Though it is made in China it passes a stringent quality check in USA and has a 12 month warranty period so this shouldn’t be an issue.


The Gnome Platinum garden hose is an expandable, flexible and retractable water hose that will never tangle, kink or twist. It is made with brass connectors and strong 3 layer latex rubber. It is light and portable so that you can carry it around very easily. You can use it for multiple things like in your garden, in your house, cleaning a commercial property or your garden. Check price on Amazon.

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