FlatLED Garden Hose Review

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The FlatLED Garden Hose is a quality hose which you get at a standard garden hose price. In terms of quality and features, it is among the best and also the cheapest. The FlatLED Garden Hose is made of latex rubber which is durable, resists corrosion easily and can be used with water pressure that is high. It can be carried around very easily and can be stored easily even though its material is sturdy as it is very flexible. It is kink free and though it takes about 5 minutes after switching off the water, it gets back to its original length once the water is switched off. Check the price on Amazon.

FlatLED Garden Hose Review


Lightweight: At 750 grams, the FlatLED Garden Hose is one of the lightest garden hose which has a 75 feet capacity. This is due to it using plastic connectors and advanced technology designed latex rubber.

Expandable: The FlatLED Garden Hose is expandable up to 75 feet which is more than enough for any garden and can even extend to your car or driveway if it needs washing or blowing off leaves.

On/off lever at the connector: One of the best features of the FlatLED Garden Hose is that it has an on/off lever at the connector. This lever helps you to regulate the flow of the water directly from the end of the hose rather than going to and fro to the spigot. You just need to go to the spigot at the end when you want to switch it off. Keep in mind that it takes 5 minutes for the water to completely drain off so you might want to switch off the lever, then go switch off the main water, then continue your final watering for the last five minutes until the water gets over. That way you save time.

Flexible: The FlatLED Garden Hose is very flexible and you can bend it and fold it and pack it into a compact box or bag to store it easily.

Kink Free: Since it is a expandable garden hose, the FlatLED Garden Hose is kink free and very easy to use. You don’t need to worry about wasting your time removing kinks. It can be dragged over rough surfaces and around houses and will still no kink.

Price: The price of the FlatLED Garden Hose is its most excellent thing. You get a quality garden hose which has all the features like durability, light weight portable, kink free, flexible and expandable, and you get it at the price of a standard garden hose. Check the latest price on Amazon.


Plastic connectors: Unlike other quality garden hoses, the FlatLED Garden Hose does not have brass or even aluminium couplings. It has couplings or connectors made of plastic which may not be durable for a long time as the connectors are exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Also, they don’t provide washers so you will need to buy it on your own.

Five minutes to shrink back to size: Since the FlatLED Garden Hose is slow to shrink once you switch off the water; you generally waste around 5 minutes waiting for the water to drain off. Instead, you can also switch off the water about five minutes earlier and then continue to do the final watering of your garden. That way you don’t waste your time.


The FlatLED Garden Hose has all the features of a great garden hose and comes at an excellent price. Though the couplings are made of plastic, there aren’t any reviews online which say that it wears off fast. You can use the FlatLED Garden Hose for regular garden work and for cleaning your car, pool and other things in the house and garden. Since it can’t take heavy water pressure don’t use it with power tools though. Check the price on Amazon.

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