Best Hose Reels Reviews

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best garden hose reel

If you are tired of dealing with uncoiled and heavy garden hoses, then perhaps it’s high time that you invested in a good-quality hose reel. A hose reel is composed of a tubular spindle that is usually made with plastic, metal or fiberglass material.

It acts as a convenient storage unit for keeping your garden hose. Standard reels are manual hand-cranked models and there are also motor-powered ones, automatic types, and spring models.

If you often get a tired winding up hoses to store them, you will discover that automatic retractable hose reels make the job easier and faster to accomplish. Hose reels are grouped in terms of water pressure rating, rewinding method, and hose lengths.

There are plenty of hose reels available in the market right now that cater to every preference.

Here are some of the varieties:

Top 5 Hose Reels Reviews

We are finished discussing all of the important factors that you need to know in order to buy the best hose reel. Now we will provide you with models that are recommended by customers.  In this list, we have included some products that we believe you need to check out. Examine each model carefully and you might find the hose reel that you really need.

1. Liberty Garden Products 880-2 Garden Hose Reel Cart

The Liberty 880-2 Garden Hose Reel Cart is recommended for home, commercial and light industrial use.
It is made of 13-gauge steel with durable powder-coated finish and also includes helpful items such as knobby spoked tires. It provides capacity for 300-inch hoses with 5/8 dimensions.
The model also features a 5 ft. leader hose, low center of gravity to prevent tipping and a convenient storage basket for stashing your gardening/watering materials. To make maneuvering the cart easier, it also comes with non-slip handle grips.


  1. Easy to assemble.
  2. Excellent water connection.
  3. Good quality short hose for connection.
  4. Tip-resistant due to low center of gravity.
  5. Includes handy storage basket.
  6. Strong and durable steel frame.
  7. Very stable when unwinding hose.
  8. Cons
  • Displayed leaks according to some customers.
  • Pictures accompanying instructions are not clear.

2. Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder Hose Reel

The Aquawinder from Suncast is designed to prevent your yard or garden from getting messy. It has a distinctive water-powered automatic rewind function that initiates by its accompanying lever.

It can contain 125 feet of standard 5/8 hoses too. The model also includes state-of-the-art Smart Trak feature that guides the hose effortlessly and tidily into the reel.

This is a wicker reel with a beautiful exterior and it completely hides your garden hose out of sight. Its sturdy resin housing makes it a good solution for your storage requirements.


  • It has a striking design.
  • Durable model.
  • Works excellently with standard hoses.
  • Practical flipping and rewinding.
  • Simple and easy to use.


  • Design is not suggested for thicker, heavier hoses.
  • Has a metal hose connector that breaks easily.

3. RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

The RL Flo-Master is a retractable hose reel that is spring-powered for your convenience. It has a distinctive design and using it will not require you to waste much effort and time.

The package includes 8-pattern nozzle that can be utilized for a variety of spraying and cleaning functions. It also includes mounting brackets that allow the unit to be swiveled for 180 degrees.

It can accommodate only short hoses (65 feet 5/8 hoses) but many customers have invested in the product and were quite satisfied with its functionality.


  • User-friendly and effortless.
  • Includes 8-pattern nozzle.
  • Can be installed on the wall.
  • Portable hose reel.
  • Has a 30-day return period.
  • Includes durable spring.


  • Heavy(26 pounds).
  • Some customers had issues with retracting.

4. Suncast SFB205M Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart

Hose reel carts are convenient gardening equipments that allow you to maintain a tidy yard or garden. The Suncast Hosemobile Pro Hose Reel Cart can accommodate standard 5/8 hoses that are 225 ft. long.

It claims to produce a secure, ultra-tight connection between the hose and the hose reel for a continuous water flow and decreased chances of leakage.

The model is made of durable graphite-strengthened plastic that guarantees security against the weather elements. It also includes a tray in which users can store their tools and gardening accessories.

It has two big wheels for easy transport and maneuvering. Its sleek design makes the cart blend well with any kind of outdoor home style.


  • Has a stylish, professional appearance.
  • Wheels make the unit more portable and allow easy transport.
  • Has convenient tray nozzles.
  • Affordable as compared to other hose reel carts.
  • Sturdy metal hose connectors help prevent leaks.


  • Wheels have plastic axles that keep the unit from rolling effectively.
  • Handle has a sharp plastic edge that can catch knuckles during the winding-up process.


5. Strongway Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel

This Strongway wall-mounted hose reel model is a professional, heavy-duty product that has a steel frame with powder-coated finish and includes an aluminum wall-mounting arm that can be utilized to install the reel in a parallel or perpendicular position on the wall.

It can also be adjusted for left- or right-handed users. It can be installed quickly on any type of vertical surface from wood posts down to steel girders. It also includes a strong, well-designed grip that makes the whole process of reeling heavy and lengthy garden hoses effortless.


  • Made of powder-coated steel construction for durability.
  • Includes mounting bracket.
  • Good for right-handed and left-handed users.
  • Can be mounted quickly and easily.
  • Can be locked in position.
  • Rated 150 PSI for any kind of water source.


  • Reel cannot completely cover garden hose and it gets exposed to outdoor elements.

Consider before buying hose reels

Wall-mounted reels

The wall-mounted reel is positioned on the wall of the garage or shed so you won’t have to deal with weight or buy a bigger reel. You can use lengthy hoses and you can take them to every point of your garden or yard. They typically cost more but a lot of homeowners consider wall-mounted reel as a good investment.

Portable reels

Portable models are often more affordable and are significantly handy for those who are always on the move. Place them in your garden shed or on the back of your ride and they would offer you a convenient way of carrying your hose. Portable reels are usually lightweight and include handles. They also feature manual cranks to pull back the hose and carry short hoses with lengths measuring around 65 ft.

Hose reel cart

This kind is capable of carrying lengthier hoses as compared to the portable models and comes attached on a portable cart so that users can easily go to any place in their yard or garden. Units with higher quality often offer bigger and sturdier frames and good stability. They are also tip-resistant and come with ergonomic grips and braking systems.

It is often suggested that you invest in high-quality hose reel so that you can maximize its use and allow it to provide you service for a long time. High-quality ones also have better construction and are made with strong materials like metal or include metal components.

They also include hose guides, use better water seals, provide automatic retractable setups and if you are after hose reel carts, they also include air tires.

If you want something that will last you for an extended period of time, you should always check the model’s warranty. The best hose reel is often backed by a 10-year limited lifetime warranty.

Hose Reel Repair and Maintenance

These days, many homeowners are enjoying the benefits of a hose reel, especially those who love tending to their gardens or yards. A hose reel helps make things organized in your home and it also protects your hoses from damages.

However, at times, damage cannot be avoided due to a number of reasons. Homeowners can choose to replace the damaged parts or do the repairing themselves.

Issues that often bug hose reels are often easy to resolve and you can do the repairs yourself. If you have the equipment and basic spare parts, you can do the job yourself. The DIY method not only saves you time, but also it saves you money in the long run.

Regardless of what type of hose reel you purchase, there will come a time when the reel will succumb to leakage and may also get punctured. Repairs for punctured or leaking hoses are not that complicated, though.

As mentioned earlier, you can do the job yourself whether you are using a retractable reel or a reel cart. Just follow these steps and you will do good.

Prior to the repairs, make sure that you do not leave water or any moisture in the reel during the colder months of the year as cold water can cause holes or cracks in the hose.

Inspect the connections

The first thing that you have to do is inspect all connections of the reel. A hose reel usually includes approximately 5 different connectors that are located on the foundations of the leader hose, out tube, in tube, garden hose and faucet.

If you find leakage, you must attempt to secure every connection prior to making replacements or professional repairs. Sometimes the leaks are caused by a loose connector. In addition, make sure that you line up all threads so you can prevent damage on them as well.

Replace malfunctioning O-rings

Replacing damaged O-rings is a typical step to make your hose reel work again. At times, the hose reel experiences leaks because of old, dry or cracked O-rings. There are replacements available for O-rings in hardware stores or online shops.

Before buying those replacements, you must check out the manufacturer’s guide or website to determine the size of the O-ring that is recommended for the model of your hose reel.

Remove the panel

The next step that you have to take is removing the panel afterswitching off of the water supply to the reel. Separate the reel and hose and then use a screwdriver to remove the 4 bolts that are located on the case’s knob and place them in a tighter position. After this, you have to drag the shield away from the case to expose the entire panel.

Place the replacement O-ring

Remove the middle pull nut of the knob using a plug jerk that has a 7/16 size and a ratchet. Drag the knob away from the device and check the spindle.

After this step, you have to remove the black O-ring all through the shaft and place the replacement O-ring. Position the knob on the top of the shaft again and make sure that it is secure prior to assembling the whole panel and fastening it with the 4 bolts.

Lubricate the bushings

You must lubricate the bushings if the shaft is not fastened. This can be done by putting lubricant or degreaser on a paper towel or a clean cloth and rubbing it on the bushings, knob, shaft and other components where the knob device shifts the reel’s coil. Let the parts air-dry prior to smearing a coating of lubricant or degreaser on the bushings.

Replace malfunctioning connectors

There is another reason why a hose reel leaks. This might be because of another damaged O-ring washer in the reel connector.

To replace this O-ring, you have to remove the washer from the reel connector with even-headed screwdriver and replace it with a new O-ring. In case there are still leaks in the reel, you may have to replace the connector itself.

Purchase proper-sized connector

You should purchase a connector that has the proper size for the hose reel and then cut the hose just beneath the malfunctioning connector. Fasten the replacement connector by following the steps provided in the installation manual. If the in-tube connector needs replacement, you should purchase a repair tool kit that includes all the standard replacement components.

Repair malfunctioning main hoses

In case the main hose of the reel has signs of leaks, purchasing a hose repair tool kit is recommended because this will save you the costs of buying a replacement for it.

All you have to do is cut the length of the hose where it is broken and use the repair kit’s connectors to reattach the tops of the hose reel. Use an electrical tape or hose repair duct tape to load tiny cuts or crevices in the reel. However, this fix is only temporary and will wear out in a short amount of time.

Preventing leaks

You can extend the life of the hose rings by applying silicon grease on them as soon as they get mounted.

Tips on Selecting the Best Hose Reel for Your Garden Hose

There are several decisions that homeowners have to make before selecting the best hose reel for themselves. Here are some suggestions to make choosing a product easier for you:

  • The first thing that you have to do is check out the size of your yard or garden. Small gardens will benefit from a small model while bigger gardens or yards will benefit from larger models. However, if you want to make things easier, you must always pick a model that is 20 percent larger than what you assume that you require. That way, you can ensure the appropriate size of the product.
  • If you have a small garden with limited space, you can opt for a wall-mounted hose reel since it will help you save space and it also looks very organized positioned against the wall.
  • If you have physical limitations ora physical condition (e.g. a bad back), then you will benefit from the advantages of an automatic hose reel. This is convenient and handy since it will do all the retracting work for you. A lot of homeowners consider automatic hose reels as great investments. Therefore, you should consider this type of reel.

By following these short but helpful suggestions, you can acquire a hose storage setup for your heavy-duty hoses.

It will also make carrying your hoses in your garden or yard a breeze. You will discover that investing in this item is not regrettable whenever the summer season rolls around.

Now all your watering tasks will be over in no time and you will no longer get exhausted as well. Your plants will get all the H20 they need in order to survive and your hands will remain clean at all times.


A quality hose reel can tidy up and organize your garden or yard. Now, you won’t have to deal with cumbersome garden hoses because by using a hose reel, you have a way to store them and extend their service for a long time.

This article has covered all the information about hose reels and if you follow some of the suggestions, it will lead you to a product that will cater all your needs.



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