Best Auto rewind Hose Reel

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auto retractable hose reel

Getting the best autorewind hose reel allows you to have a reel that can neatly keep the hose in place without exerting more effort. However, the continuous increase in the number of available autorewind hose reels on the market has made the process of selecting the best more challenging.

So if you are planning to buy an autorewind house reel, make sure to conduct the needed research to determine the best models. You can do this by checking the bestselling products online. You can also consider any of the following products.

Top 5 Auto rewind Hose Reel Review

1. Suncast Aquawinder


The Suncast Aquawinder is presently among the best autorewind hose reel models on the market. Many buyers have preferred this over other available options since it is made of durable materials.

It comes with dimensions of 24” x 27” x 23.5” and weighs about 22.1 pounds. It is marketed as a water-powered automatic hose reel. With its unique design, the hose reel is capable of providing hands-free rewinding, which is done with just a flip of a lever.

The Suncast Aquawinder also comes with the smart-trak hose guide that enables it to wind the hose evenly. Furthermore, it is capable of holding up to 125’ of 5/8” hose, sold along with leader and discharge hoses and delivered as a fullyassembled product. This autorewind hose reel is sold at a decent price.

2. RL Flo-Master Retractable Hose Reel


The RL Flo-Master Retractable Hose Reel is regarded as one of the best autorewind hose reel models offered on salebecause it is sold with a 65’ reinforced 5/8” hose with a threaded brass end. The hose installed on the reel is spring-loaded, and equipped with a stopper along with automatic guides responsible for preventing it from overlapping during retraction.

The product comes with a mounting hardware which includes a mounting bracket that enables it to swivel at a 180° angle. The reel is also praised for its unique design that allows it to be removed from the bracket and carried using its own carrying handle. The product is sold at a decent price in a package which includes an 8-pattern nozzle.

3. Claber Rotoroll Hose Reel


The Claber Rotoroll Hose Reel is a bestselling autorewind hose reel. It is currently marketed as a wall-mounted hose reel that swivels at 180°,  and is equipped with an automatic rewinding function. It comes with a smart hose guide that allows uniform rewinding and easy gliding. The reel also boasts of its spring-loaded powered construction that enables safe hose rewinding.

The product is sold along with a 3-layer braided hose, which is resistant to high water pressure and can withstand a pressure of up to 435 PSI. It is sold in a generous package which includes a 66’- ½” hose, quick-click couplings, spray nozzle, 6.5’ ½” lead hose and wall mounting hardware.

4. Legacy Levelwind  Hose Reel


The Legacy Levelwind Hose Reel is another member of the best autorewind hose reel lists. This model is is sold with dimensions of 19” x 10.2” x 17.5” and a weight of about 16.1 pounds. It is made of UV-stabilized polypropylene that makes it durable. The reel is also equipped with a unique winding system that can automatically layer the hose into a smooth coil.

The reel is also praised for its ¾ inch ID swivel which is responsible for improving its performance and for reducing flow restrictions. It is sold with a 50’-5/8” retractable garden hose along with a mounting bracket that secures the reel in various positions. Finally, it is equipped with a carrying handle for improved portability.

5. Suncast PW100 Powerwind Garden Hose Reel


The best autorewind hose reel list would not be complete without mentioning the Suncast PW100 Powerwind Garden Hose Reelbecause the reel has established a good reputation among buyers. The reel is lauded for its fully automated winding feature brought about by its motor powered by a rechargeable 12V battery.

Many buyers prefer this over less expensive options since the PW100 is made of high-grade materials that allow it to remain durable, despite continuous use. Furthermore, it comes with a foot pedal function that makes it easy to use. It has a tangle-free design and can hold up to 100’ of a hose.





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